Why Choose Us?


Unlike various IT companies who mostly outsource design/development professionals, we have https://slotsups.com top ten reviews security cameras our own in-house design/development team comprising one of the most experienced industry professionals who are dedicated to keep adding new & enhancing existing products in our products range which also adds to unmatched security & confidentiality to services offered by us.


Despite of being a privately held company, we contribute to the community with our expertise in industry. We shape ideas to real-world application which makes life of an end-user secure & easy. Our innovatively intelligent products allow companies to monitor what their employees are doing on their companies provided mobile phones & computers saving the company from costly legal and security nightmares.


Our U.S.P. is our prompt India-based support. We have experienced support staff & technicals to provide support to our clients & end-users. Be it installation, usage & whatever related to us or our products, our friendly & skilled support executives are always there to help you resolve your queries. If you need dedicated support, we also provide this our prime clients & customers as per their requirements.

Who We Are?

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We are the leaders in the mobile forensics and cyber investigation solutions domain. We work closely with various law & enforcement organizations on numerous complex crime investigations to provide them with our innovative & proven industry expertise whenever, wherever they need us.

Despite of being a successful company, we contribute to community with our technology skills in forms of various applications & services which empower women as well as the whole society. Our applications like Madad have enabled today’s working women of India to stay protected & in touch with their guardians including Parents, Husbands or their families on the move.

Clients Speak

Our primary goal is to provide the world with our proven technology & skills to secure the world.